From People to People~~De Pueblo a Pueblo Puerto Rico, Mexico, and the Caribbean Rebuilding Fund Drive

Our neighbors in this hemisphere have suffered tremendous loss in recent weeks. Mexico’s earthquakes hit very hard the southern states, Mexico City and Morelia. In addition, two hurricanes, Irma and María, devastated many Caribbean nations, including Puerto Rico and many sister islands in the Caribbean.

As members of the Bloomington community, we are reaching out to our colleagues, students, staff, and friends in Bloomington and beyond, in an effort to provide support to our many sister communities. These nations need a humanitarian hand to uplift them so they can stand back on their feet again. We are calling these efforts ‘From People to People ~ De Pueblo a Pueblo’ precisely because the aid will go directly from our local community to support grassroot community organizations in Mexico, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

Our Bloomington community has always come together to support humanitarian causes. In these challenging times, we are appealing to your solidarity and compassion to help people who are experiencing hardships to rebuild their lives.

Your donation will be able to:

  1. Provide support to grassroots organizations in Mexico, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean that focus on the sustainable rebuilding of disenfranchised communities.
  2. Bring back the cultural vitality of these communities through the support of the education, health, the music and the arts, which are key to their well-being and economic recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How will funds ‘From People to People ~ De Pueblo a Pueblo’ be used?

Our support will focus on  social and cultural sustainable community projects in Mexico, Puerto Rico and  the Caribbean. These efforts will boost grassroots projects that:

  • Address concrete needs of the people in the communities they help
  • Have a functioning and reliable on the ground work force
  • Have an excellent track record in the following areas:
    • Rebuild disenfranchised communities
    • Promote sustainable and long lasting solutions  
    • Use renewable sources of energy
    • Support local business
    • Facilitate economic activities that provide revenues to a community
    • Promote education, health care, music and the arts
    • Reestablishing communities mental, health, and general well-being.

“From People to People ~ De Pueblo a Pueblo” will select the community projects in Mexico, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean that best fit the goals described above.

Why should I contribute to ‘From People to People ~ De Pueblo a Pueblo’ Relief efforts?

Collaboration with the Bloomington-based humanitarian aid non-profit “Narra Foundation”enables your donation to  “From People to People ~ De Pueblo a Pueblo” to be tax deductible. Many of the volunteers in the “From People to People ~ De Pueblo a Pueblo” initiative have personal and/or professional roots in Mexico, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. This direct connection with and access to local grassroots organizations will ensure that your donation will directly benefit those in need.  

“From People to People~ De Pueblo a Pueblo” will not share or sell personal information, nor will we overwhelm you with constant emails.

We will report our activities and the accomplishments of these efforts on this website.

How do we plan to raise funds?

Aside from direct donations, we will be hosting a number of fundraising events in Bloomington including:

  • Latin American and Caribbean music concert (tentative date: Nov. 6)
  • Multidisciplinary Panel discussion on Natural Disasters
  • Dance Parties
  • Caribbean and Mexican Lunch/Dinner
  • T-shirt sales
  • Collaboration with other fundraiser initiatives. May be you can organize one in your community? Please contact: **

How much money should I contribute?

No amount is too small or too large. Every contribution will help make a difference.

How can I donate to the rebuilding process?

1.      Paypal or credit card through Narra Foundation via online www.narrafoundation.org

2.      Check: Write Narra Foundation and indicate for Puerto Rico, Mexico, Virgin Islands, or ALL in the memo, mail it to Narra Foundation Inc, P.O. Box 6415, Bloomington, IN 47407.

3.     If you are an IU Credit Union Member you may transfer funds via online banking or by calling IUCU membership services at (812) 855-7823 (press 9) and request to transfer funds from your account to Narra Foundation account.  Phone transfer has a $3.00 service fee, but there is no fee if using online banking or transferring funds in person.

Are there opportunities for volunteering?

Yes, absolutely!

  • You can help organize fundraising activities at your church, school, sports, club, dormitory or any community organization and contribute the fund to “From People to People ~ De Pueblo a Pueblo.” Let us know about your fundraising activity and we will help advertise it through this website.
  • You can help us in the fundraising activities mentioned above.
  • We are currently developing several initiatives where your help will be needed. This information will be made available soon.
  • For more information about doing volunteer work, please contact ***

Who are we?

“From People to People ~ De Pueblo a Pueblo” is a volunteer-based initiative of concerned citizens from Bloomington, Indiana. We are collaborating with Indiana University professors, students and professionals as well as with community and local government leaders and organizations to help rebuild our sister communities in Mexico, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean recently impacted by devastating natural disasters.